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The Uni v3

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Kickstarter has ended you can pre-order now.

Pre-orders on Kickstarter will be fulfilled first. Post-Kickstarter pre-orders will be fulfilled only after all Kickstarter orders have shipped.

Please note that you are placing a pre-order. We are still manufacturing the keyboard. We are trying our best to get them shipped as soon as possible.

Update: Due to the time it took to order the parts, we expect to ship orders either in February or March. Thank you for your patience.


The Uni is a minimal, unibody-split-ortholinear keyboard made for stenography. It is a pre-built keyboard, meaning there is no assembly required and works right out of the box with Plover. The keyboard has full N-key rollover (NKRO) and uses QMK firmware.

You can type any word, symbol, number, command, shortcut, or emoji that you want with stenography!


To learn how to install and set up with Plover, please see the Documentation.

To use the keyboard, you must have the latest version of Plover installed on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, otherwise, the keyboard strokes will not be recognized and cannot be interpreted by the computer.


The Uni uses the English stenotype layout with outer thumb number bar, split S, and split asterisk keys. The number keys are located on the outside of each of your thumbs to allow a compact and minimalistic design.

The left and right halves are spaced apart horizontally to provide better ergonomics for the shoulders and wrists. Additionally, the thumb keys are spaced apart vertically to provide better ergonomics for the thumbs. The space between the bottom row and thumb keys is equivalent to the space between home-row and spacebar on a normal keyboard.

Useful Links

Install and setup with Plover: Documentation

Learn the layout: Art of Chording

Practice steno: TypeyType


  • 248mm x 76mm
  • 13u x 4u
  • 28 keys
  • Gateron Clear 35g switches (not hotswappable)
  • MX Spacing
  • Only MX switches compatible PCB
  • M2 Screw holes
  • QMK Gemini PR protocol