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The Uni v4

The Uni v4

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The Uni v4 keyboard offers an efficient, minimalistic design with an ortholinear layout and fast Gateron Clear switches with only 35g actuation force. Its sleek black PCB and white keycaps are complemented by the Plover bird artwork on the backplate. Built for fast stenography, the Uni v4 is ideal for use with the Plover software.


  • No assembly required
  • You can use your normal keyboard and the Uni at the same time
  • Each switch's spring weight is 35 grams, and you can replace the springs without desoldering.
  • Made to work with Plover's Gemini PR machine settings, see the video for more info
  • Composed of three layers: backplate, PCB, and switch plate.
  • Much cheaper than a traditional steno/stenography machine.
  • US Design Patent Granted
  • Nice packaging
  • The Uni v4 keyboard
  • USB-C to USB-A cable


To learn how to install and set up with Plover, please see the Documentation.

You must have Plover installed.


  • Thumb numbers
  • Split S
  • Split asterisks
  • Keys can also be configured in Plover's machine settings.
  • The left and right halves are spaced apart for more comfort.
  • The thumbs are shifted down by the same amount as the distance between the home row and the spacebar on a regular keyboard.
  • It is as small as a 40 percent keyboard.

Useful Links

Install and setup with Plover: Documentation

Learn the layout: Art of Chording

Practice steno: TypeyType


  • 248mm x 76mm (height ≈ 29.5mm)
  • 13u x 4u
  • 28 keys
  • Gateron Clear 35g switches
  • OEM R3 profile keycaps
  • Switch plate with cutouts for easy disassembly of switches
  • MX Spacing
  • Only MX switches are compatible
  • The PCB is not hot-swappable
  • M2 Screws and Stand-offs
  • QMK Gemini PR protocol
  • uses the rp2040 chip with 16 megabyte storage

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Anyone can learn

Anyone can learn steno. All it takes is a little bit of consistent practice! 200+ WPM is just within reach!