Embedded Steno

You can do embedded steno on the Uni v4 thanks to Jeffrey Lim, the guy behind Javelin Steno!

Try embedded steno using the firmware builder website: https://lim.au/#/software/javelin-steno

What is embedded steno? Embedded steno lets you use steno without Plover.

You can steno on work or school computers that don't allow Plover. You can even use other device like phones, tablets, and chromebooks with embedded steno.

It's still better to use Plover because of all it's plugins and features. So our keyboards are not shipping out with embedded steno by default just yet. But it's really cool to see that embedded steno is a reality!

Video instruction on setting up embedded steno on your Uni v4 or Polyglot:

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can you still use custom dictionary entries with embedded steno? (uni v4)


By “other features” I guess you mean things like Plover’s paper tape and suggestion displays, but otherwise I can’t think of much that embedded steno gives up to Plover.

Does the in-browser Javelin toolkit have a paper tape display?


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