The Polyglot Keyboard

The Polyglot is an amazing ortholinear 40 percent keyboard that can speak two "languages": stenography and qwerty.

Have you always wanted to learn the art of stenography, but you still want to type on a regular keyboard? The Polyglot is the perfect keyboard for just that.

Here is a side-by-side demo of the Polyglot in action:

If you watched until the very end, give yourself an award for somehow coming up with the motivation to sit through the entire slow motion segment. But, I understand; steno is mesmerizing to watch!

It uses QMK so you can edit the layout if you know how to code a little. There's also the embedded steno tool, Javelin, that allows you to edit the layout in a more intuitive way. More information (and links) can be found on our documentation.

It has 14 more keys than the Uni so you can do modifier+mouse actions such as shift+click. With a click of a key, you can switch to Qwerty Mode, which lets you type in Qwerty, much faster than having to fingerspell your words with steno (unless you are a steno master like me and have no such need for such primitive technology).

Now is a great time to learn steno!

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