Tripod Mounting the Uni!?

Oh yes, it's possible. Wait, but I thought that the Uni didn't have any camera mounting holes. This is true.

But do phones have camera mounting holes? If not, how do we attach our phones to tripods? It's with a phone mount of course!

How is a phone and the Uni similar? First of all, both are around the same width. So this means the Uni can fit in the regular tripod mount for phones. It's genius!

Aerick deserves the credit for letting me know of this wonderful little life hack. Here's a video of him using the Uni with a phone tripod mount system:

Many court reporters use a tripod for their steno machines, but no machine has been thin enough to fit on a phone camera mount. But the Uni is as small as a phone! Uni, phone mount, Uni, phone mount. It's the perfect combination.

I was completely blown away when I first saw that Aerick wasn't using a desk in the above video. This is one of those moments where I think, I can't believe I never thought of that!

When faced with a dilemma, it's sometimes good to think, "Why not both?" Getting a hobbyist keyboard doesn't mean you have to forgo the tripod anymore because why not both?

In conclusion, let's keep asking ourselves: why not both?

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@Anna – some phone holders have a tripod mount on the back as well as the bottom, so you can mount the phone “face-up”.


Hey, I noticed others asked the same question as me but no replies.

Knock knock. Can anyone see us in here? Haha


The phone camera attachments are vertical, not horizontal to hold the Uni. I’m interested in find out how they rigged it to work.



I’m having a hard time finding camera tripod mounts that don’t want to hold the phone upright (which makes sense for using the phone as a camera). Any ideas on what mount would work well for this.


Awesome hack! I’m just getting into steno and plover (my uni is in the mail!). So are you intentionally omitting the name of the tripod and phone mount? I’d like to replicate but your post doesn’t give me much to go by! Thanks!!


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