What can you type with steno?

The Uni has 28 keys, but really only 23 unique keys. So how can someone use this as a keyboard when there's not even enough keys for the entire alphabet?

Really, anything is possible with steno. You can do punctuation, numbers, symbols, shortcuts, functions, emojis, and more just by using various key combinations.

First, you have to realize that steno, for the most part, uses sound to represent words rather than with spelling. Therefore, it doesn't matter that there is not enough keys for the alphabet. The only thing the steno keyboard is concerned with is accurately representing sounds.

Second, though there's only 23 keys, there are a lot more combinations that is possible with a steno layout. For example, even though the letter "M" is not on the board, the rule is that pressing "PH" with your left hand makes the starting "M" sound.

In fact, I wrote this entire blog using only steno. Including all of the bold words! I have a stroke defined for Command+B in my Plover dictionary.

And here's the best part: you don't have to memorize every single combination of keys. All you have to do is learn the theory, which is basically the logic behind steno, and you can create most words just by following the rules of the theory.

You can get started learning the theory at artofchording.com. You don't even need a steno keyboard like the Uni to get started. All you need is Plover (which is free) and start stenoing away with a normal keyboard. Eventually, you'll want to think about getting something like the Uni for better speed and comfort.

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