What does our logo mean?

Our logo is the squiggly, scribbly lines that make up the beak and eyes of Mr. Snoo (our mascot).

As many may have already guessed, the logo is written in Gregg shorthand. Shorthand is a form of written stenography that existed before the machines took over. A quick google search shows that speeds of 280 wpm have been reached using Gregg.

To explain how it works, each line represents a certain sound. The rules are determined by whatever system or theory you are using, which in this case is Gregg. There are other theories out there such as Pitman.

Our logo sounds out "steno". Here is a visual representation of each stroke and its corresponding letter/sound:

Note: Some Gregg users may choose to omit certain strokes as a brief, but for the sake of completeness and to make the logo beginner friendly, we chose to include all the sounds here.

And just for fun, this is how you spell "Uni" using Gregg shorthand. The two lines at the bottom capitalizes the word.

You can see that the circles facing down make the "y" sound and putting it all together makes the word "Uni".

So now, every time you see our logo you can remember that the keyboard stenography we use today originated from the simple written shorthand that inspired the design of first the stenotype machine.

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