Why Gateron Clear Switches are the Best Switches For Steno

Stenography demands fast and accurate typing. In the realm of stenography, one switch stands out above the rest: the Gateron Clear switch. In this article, we delve into why the Gateron Clear switch is the arguable champion for hobbyist stenographers worldwide.

1. Linear switches: Why Linears are Better than Tactile and Clicky Switches

When it comes to stenography, the linear switches are the best. Linear switches offer a smooth, uninterrupted keystroke from top to bottom, devoid of any tactile bump or audible click. This consistent action is vital for stenographers, who frequently press multiple keys simultaneously to form complex shorthand strokes. Tactile switches, characterized by a noticeable bump at the actuation point, can introduce unwanted resistance and disrupt the flow of keystrokes, leading to errors and decreased speed. Similarly, clicky switches, which produce an audible click upon actuation, may prove distracting and fatiguing during prolonged stenographic sessions. Tactile and clicky switches also have heavier spring weights to overcome the tactile bump or click on the upstroke.

The linear nature of Gateron Clear switches ensures that each keypress is predictable and uniform, allowing stenographers to maintain their rhythm and focus without interruption. With no tactile feedback or audible distractions to contend with, stenographers can type smooth and fast.

2. Lightness: The Advantage of 35 Gram Actuation

Light switches help stenographers type quickly and with less finger fatigue. Enter the Gateron Clear switch, renowned for its feather-light actuation force of just 35 grams. This ultra-light touch makes Gateron Clears one of the lightest switches on the market, perfect for the rapid-fire keystrokes required in stenography.

A lighter actuation force means stenographers can exert minimal effort to press each key, reducing finger fatigue and allowing for sustained performance over extended periods.


Every keystroke matters. The choice of switches can make or break a stenographer's performance. Gateron Clear switches are perfect for stenography. They offer smooth, uninterrupted typing. They need minimal force, reducing finger fatigue. With Gateron Clear switches, stenographers can type quicker and more accurate.
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