How Stenography Works

What is stenography?
Stenography is a form of writing/typing where you can write whole words or phrases by pressing multiple keys at once.

Steno is mostly based on the pronunciation of a word, for example, you can stroke the word "cat" by pressing "KAT" all at the same time with steno. Notice that we used K for the C sound in "cat".

Here is the basic steno layout:

It has only 23 unique keys and its about five times more efficient than the regular keyboard. In fact, the world record is 360 wpm on normal sentences and the average court reporter should be able to type above 200 wpm. Keep in mind that an average person types at 40 wpm.

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To put this into perspective, imagine typing a one hundred word essay in 30 seconds. This is possible with a steno keyboard (if you don't consider the time it takes for you to think).

And don't let the small layout fool you. You can type every single word in the English language including all of the numbers, symbols, emojis, functions, commands, and shortcuts you could imagine.

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If you feel like you want to start learning steno, head over to the beginners guide for Plover, the awesome open source stenography software by Mirabai Knight.

To set up your Uni with Plover go to the StenoKeyboards Docs.

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